I want to express my heartful thanks to the following people:  Valentine Efiong: for his friendship and his professional advice.  I real artist!!!   Hildebrand Voort:  the frame-maker, for his advice. Also for his constructive criticism. A  real expert!!! Mies and Wil: for the support they give me.  Pim: for his devotion. Also the Pianist and Maartje Pronk. The "Groenhoven Collectief", where I started my exhibitions. Nurse Margreet, Bart, Rob and Wim and Minnie. Without them, I would never have come that far!!!!  All AQUA FAUNA members, in particular Martin. For their support and jolly moments.  Of course: my father, my mother and my sister! For their support and belief in me !!!!  Also: all my relatives and friends! For their support and wonderful moments!!!